It’s about the assassination attempt

9 03 2009

It’s been a couple of days since I last posted an entry to this blog, and now I’ll add another, focusing on the assassination attempt by David Hartanto Wijaya, an alumnus of SMAK 1 PENABUR Jakarta year 2005, at his Nanyang Technological University, a couple of days ago.

As you all already know, news is circulating very fast. The info is, that David stabbed the professor on his back and his hand, and then slitted his blood vessels and jumped out the 7th floor of the University. Students, my friends, have been discussing this matter for the last four or five days, and here’s the conclusion made by us.

I’ve made a little bit reconstruction about the assassination attempt, and I think the story goes like this:

The professor summoned David into his room. At his room, the professor did something that made either David, the professor, or both of them, felt annoyed or angry. After that, there was quarreling. I am almost certain that David did not take the knife with him: instead, the guilty party was the professor’s. They were quarreling, and both of them were injured, using the knife. Then, David left the room, bloody, and because of his terrible wounds, while he walked at the 7th floor, he felt down and died instantly.

That’s a brief summary of the action. Now the discussion:

  1. Recent information are saying that the professor is a homosexual. The question is, whether David was simply another victim of his sexual orientation, which David rejected. That might be the reason of the quarreling, if my reconstruction is correct.
  2. Is there any CCTV recordings from the room? Do you feel anything strange, that no CCTV recording exposed from the crime scene, or does (or did) the university was so stupid that they don’t (didn’t) have any CCTV in such important room?
  3. I have a little bit suspicion about the Government of the country. It seemed that there were some attempts to simply diminish, hide, or whatever you say, the case, so that the Government, the University, the professor, or whoever involved, would not be blamed.
  4. Perhaps the most strangest of all: the family members of David were not allowed to see David’s corpse from his chest down below. What happened? As far as I know, no nation whatsoever has any law that prohibits a member or members of the family to see his relative(s)’ corpse fully. Strange, isn’t it? Such law must be made a human right, and I think the family can sue the Government to the International Court for this! And I think, also, the government was using the family’s belief in their tradition (that no parents should pray for someone who are younger than them, they should cremate the body and spread it on the sea), so that the government could conceal the fact from the family. What happened?

This murder is still unsolved, still being a strange case, until some bright light shines upon the case. Please give me comments or discussion about the case.




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