Assassination attempt in NTU

2 03 2009

Perhaps the most shocking information I’ve received today, that there was an assassination attempt happened at the Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), today around 10.30 am (UTC + 8). One of the final-year students who was doing his final project, stabbed one of his professors at the back and at his hand. The injuries were not fatal: the professor was saved, and no lethal injuries were applied.

But the most shocking of all is the student: after doing the stabbing, the student jumped out of the NTU building and died instantly – he committed suicide – after the spree. Secondly, the shocking information is that he was a participant in the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) from Indonesia. At least, he must have had good reputation academically. The third one, perhaps the most shocking one, is that the student was an alumnus of my high school. Well, it added trouble for most of us maybe, since after the information passed out through websites and TVs, a lot of people asked. I am also one of the people asked what happened to an alumnus of my high school.

The authorities are still searching for information and the student background, including how possible he committed such act.

A joke that I’ve been thinking about this case: maybe the student had gone terrible stress for 7 years: 3 years in this the-school-is-killing-me school, and 4 years in one of the best – and most demanding, perhaps – university in the world – at least in the South-East Asian region -. Wow! Perhaps tomorrow, my school will be filled with reporters and journalists who want to ask my headmistress about the case. Hopefully, the tryout will be canceled! (LOL)




2 responses

4 03 2009

“Hopefully, the tryout will be canceled! ”
which didn’t happen.. I wonder how the school’s situation was..

4 03 2009
Matthew Hanzel

yeah, the school is virtually, or actually, calm.. nothing specific happens. maybe u can see the school is being exposed at numerous TV stations. and the school and the headmistress is closing themselves to the reporters. what a shame!

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