After EPT

28 02 2009

So, this is the post related to EPT, then. I’d just taken my English Proficiency Test or EPT back at the Universitas Pelita Harapan, which – they say – will be used to determine whether I am worthy enough to enter the International Class. The test, consisted of three sections: listening, structure, and reading. Let me tell some stories about that test.

First test: structure. D*mn! I have to admit that structure is my weakest part. For example:

“To avoid explosion, the nuclear reactor is consisted of …….. bla blah”

possible answers:

(A) two equipments

(B) two pieces of equipments

(C) two pieces of equipment

(D) pieces of two equipment

Please, what’s the right answer? My, the silly-looking question is still hard for me!

Next, listening. Well, I was actually a little bit scared in the first place, because they provided us with some large speakers, and the questions was played only once, and we were gambling with the quality of the recording. Meanwhile, the recording quality is fortunately, surprisingly, nice, compared to the one in the English Lab. What’s most surprising, is that the person that spoke in the recording is MAYBE the same as the one in the English Lab. I felt much similarities between the two, and it made me a little bit comfortable: at least I’ve get used to such kind of dialect or way of speak.

Lastly, reading. The reading was surprisingly not hard – as far as I concern, or if we compare it to the SAT one, which IS REALLY hard – only asking for main ideas and synonyms. Maybe the most surprising was when they asked ‘what is the purpose’ or ‘what is the topic of the following/preceding¬†paragraph?’ Well, those three sections concluded the test.




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28 02 2009

wogh! ternyata EPT-nya sesusah ini yawh? O.o

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