Last Choir Standing (BBC1)

27 02 2009

It’s the American Idol equivalent for choirs in Britain! It’s Last Choir Standing, a talent show which was aired in 2008 by BBC1 to find the best choir in UK to be the last choir standing. From 1.000 choirs which submitted their application forms, only 15 went into the elimination round. The champion for this series was Only Men Aloud! Choir from Cardiff City, Wales.

I’m not in the position of being a ‘choir master’ to give comments on their performance. But – as a commoner, at least – I can say that their performances were amazing! While considering that they were given 1 week time to have practices (just like the Idols), their performances were great! By voice, I don’t hear fatal mistakes (I don’t know, maybe you the masters know this better than I am); the thing that I see is a banci tampil performance, in which they do it flawlessly, – I don’t know, I ran out of words. It simply enjoyable.

The songs which they sang were famous enough for us: such as Joyful, Joyful from the movie Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit; Lean on Me, a good-old song; Bohemian Rhapsody, made popular by the band Queen; All By Myself which was sung by the Only Men Aloud!; or Spiderman the classic sung by the Oxford’s Last Minute. I have some of the songs in my iTunes and my iPod, which is worth to hear.

(PS: the video provided in this page is a performance ‘I’m Still Standing’ by all finalists of the Last Choir Standing).




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